Read about how the exclusive features of the SnapMail app can protect you in a huge range of threatening situations and even save your life!

Prevent Murder

Picture the scene .......... you are out on a blind date, having a drink with someone you met online. The chemistry is good and you agree to continue the evening at your apartment. When you return to your apartment to continue the conversation you offer your guest a glass of wine and go to your bathroom to freshen up.

On your return you take a sip of your wine and after a few minutes start to feel a little light-headed, certainly more light-headed than you should feel after consuming such a small amount of alcohol. You still have your wits about you enough to know that something is wrong so you take out your mobile phone and pretend to check your messages.

Instead of checking your messages you hit the SnapMail app and take a quick photo of your guest with one click. When he asks you what you’re doing you say “I’ve just taken a SnapMail photo of you, which has been sent to my SnapMail website account and also been e-mailed to me.”

The last thing you see before you fall asleep is a look of shock on your guest’s face. You wake up 10 hours later and cannot remember anything about the night before and your mobile phone has been stolen. You check your e-mails and see you received an e-mail from SnapMail at 11.42pm with a photo of a man whose face you can just barely remember.

You call the Police immediately and are shocked to be told that your guest from the previous night is on the Wanted List and is a prime suspect in 2 murders in other States.