Read about how the exclusive features of the SnapMail app can protect you in a huge range of threatening situations and even save your life!

Prevent Kidnap

Picture the scene ..........you are stuck for a lift home some evening and have no choice but to take an unlicensed mini-cab that offers to bring you home. Shortly after you get in to the back seat, you notice that your door is locked and the button to open your window doesn’t work. When you ask the driver can he open the window for you, he mutters something about not understanding English and turns up the radio.

You tell him to stop the car and that you want to get out, but again there’s no response. It’s only when you pass the turn for your road that you really start to panic. You have your mobile phone in your hand and before you ring the Police you open the SnapMail app and hit the big yellow ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ button while pointing the camera at the Driver’s face.

“I want you to know that you’ve just been SnapMailed. Your photo has been uploaded to the SnapMail website and if anything happens to me, it will be very easy for the Police to identify you.”

This declaration causes an immediate shift in the Driver’s attitude and, amazingly, he appears to have a good grasp of English, all of a sudden. You insist on getting out of the car, even though it’s on a secluded country lane and walk to the nearest main road to hail down a good Samaritan, but not before you take another SnapMail photo of the back of the car and its registration number.