Read about how the exclusive features of the SnapMail app can protect you in a huge range of threatening situations and even save your life!

Prevent Attack

Picture the scene ......... you are walking home alone some evening and the streets are quiet. You glance behind and you see a man 40 yards behind you. When you glance behind again, he is only 20 yards behind you and you get a feeling that something ain’t right. There are no houses nearby and you can’t see anyone else in case you need help. You consider calling the police but it would probably take them 20 minutes to get to where you are and given how close the person following you is, the police may not even have time to answer the phone.

And then you remember that you have the SnapMail app on your phone. You click the icon for the app and the big yellow button appears on the screen with everything displayed in the camera lens behind the yellow button on your screen.

You turn to face the man, who is only 5 yards behind you now, and see a look that tells you he is going to attack you. With a single click of the yellow button you take a photo of his face and this photo is immediately uploaded to your SnapMail account and sent to you by e-mail.

“You’ve just been SnapMailed!”, you shout.
He grabs the phone from your hand and grabs you by the collar. “SnapMailed? What does that mean?” “It means your photo has been sent to the SnapMail website and also e-mailed to me, so it will be very easy to catch you, if you do anything to me. The photo has also recorded the time and place, so you can’t even deny you were here at this time. And it will only make it worse for you if you take my phone, because your photo is now on the SnapMailwebsite – not just on my phone.”

The man lets go of your collar, hands you back your phone and walks away. When he has gone a few yards he turns back and says “You know that is ingenious. I must get thatSnapMail app myself! How much is it?”

“The basic service is free, but you can pay a small monthly cost for SnapMail Emergency, a service which alerts your friends or family by e-mail and text if I don’t respond to the photo I just sent within 5 minutes.”