SnapMail has a wide range of powerful benefits which could protect you against crimes, such as robbery, assault, rape, stalking, kidnap or even murder. No other mobile phone app offers these benefits.

1. SnapMail can prevent someone committing a crime against you

If you find yourself in a vulnerable position, where you could be attacked, robbed, raped, kidnaped or even murdered, a great way to make a criminal have second thoughts about committing a crime against you is to take a quick photo of him or her and shout “You’ve been SnapMailed!”.
The chances are the attacker will have no idea what you are talking about but when you tell him that his photo has been sent to the SnapMail website, making it easy to identify him and record him at the location of the potential crime, it is quite likely the attacker will not proceed with the crime. While some attackers may be too dumb or reckless to refrain from committing the crime, many others willimmediately understand the consequences of any action they might take.
Is someone really going to commit a crime when they discover they are almost certainly going to be caught?

2. SnapMail can help solve a crime that has been committed against you

If you have just been attacked or robbed or raped, you can greatly improve the chances of getting a conviction against your attacker by taking a photo immediately after the crime has been committed. The photo would provide indisputable evidence of exactly where you and the attacker were at a precise time and date.
Even if the attacker takes your mobile phone after you take the photo, thereby committing another crime in the process, the photo has been instantly uploaded to the SnapMail website and there is nothing the criminal can do to delete that. Only you have access to your own SnapMail account.
In a worst case scenario where a criminal put a gun to your head and ordered you to delete the incriminating photo from your SnapMail account, the SnapMail website only allows photos to be deleted after 30 days, so you are protected in that way also.

3. SnapMailacts as an early warning signal when you’re in a vulnerable situation*

The premium, or paid, version of the SnapMail app, called SnapMail Emergency, contains an additional feature which notifies a designated friend of yours when you don’t respond to an e-mail you have sent yourself. This is a brilliant method of protection for you because it acts without you having to do anything.
Subscribers of the SnapMail Emergency app also receive an e-mail every time they take a SnapMail photo, but contained in their e-mail is a link or button which they must press within 5 minutes of taking the photo. If they fail to click this link within 5 minutes an e-mail and/or a text is sent to their designated friend warning them that the SnapMail subscriber should be contacted immediately.

There are a whole host of scenarios in which the SnapMail Emergency app would be a ‘life-saver’, as follows:

  • When someone breaks into your house and spends a long time ransacking the place for valuable. One click on the ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ button, regardless of whether you take a photo of the intruder or not, will ensure that your designated friend notifies the police of a problem in 5 minutes.
  • If you have had an accident and are not able to dial a number on the phone or speak to someone, or hear someone.
  • If a child has been abducted and is unable to telephone the parents to tell them. One click on the ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ starts the 5 minute countdown clock, after which if the child has not responded to the e-mail, the parent is immediately notified that the child is in trouble.